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September 24th, 2016: HDDRIVER 10.00 is available
Changes in this version

The upgrade from HDDRIVER 9 to HDDRIVER 10.0 is free for all who have purchased HDDRIVER 9 since July 2016. Simply download it.

For HDDRIVER 10 there is an updated demo version.

June 26th, 2016: HDDRIVER 9.10 is available
Changes in this version
March 27th, 2016: SCSI Driver 1.00 for Hatari and ARAnyM

The release version 1.00 of the SCSI Driver for Hatari and ARAnyM (Linux only) is available for download. With this free driver Atari software has direct access to all devices managed by the Linux SG driver, e.g. hard disk drives, memory cards and CD/DVD writers. See the HDDRIVER forum for more information.